Was formed by Greg Dear in 1987 after the demise of his band The Holy Rollers (1984-1986) and several other attempts to form bands with Kate Bent, Andrew Watt and others. The original lineup featured Greg (guitar, vocals, songwriting), Errol Tout (lead guitar), Cliff Kent (bass) and Russell Wilson (drums). This lineup recorded a single (Ten Lies b/w Deadly Game) in 87 and an album (Lover/Saint) in 88 released by Hot Records in 1989. After Errol and Russell departed (late 89), Tony Connor joined on lead guitar and a series of short-stay drummers came and went before Evan Briers joined in 1990 and stayed until mid 91. The lineup with Tony and Evan recorded a song for an ABC Records compilation celebrating the arrival of Radio Station JJJ in Perth in 1990. That lineup also played the first ever JJJ Live-At-The-Wireless to be broadcast nationally from Perth. When Evan left, the band continued to have difficulty finding a suitable drummer and Greg formed a new band (The Butterfly Collection) that played a strange hybrid of indie rock and hip hop (e.g., Velvet Underground and Johnny Cash covers with hip hop beats and samples under the guitars and vocals) thereby providing some sort of solution to, or solace from, the problems with drummers. After a long vacation from performing and recording (other than occasional guest appearances and solo acoustic performances) Greg has linked up with Cliff and formed a new lineup of the Beautiful Losers featuring Shaun Hoffman on drums (where was he when we needed him in 1990?) and Hurb Jephasun on piano/organ/vibes. This new 2014 lineup plays selected songs from the original Beautiful Losers catalogue, selected songs from the HolyRollers catalogue, some songs that Greg has previously released as a solo artist, and several new songs of Greg’s.