“Beautiful Losers” play grungy old school rock.

Feeling it from Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen…

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2 songs  “Deadly Game” &  “Just Like You”  and Featuring the song “AFRAID” recorded in 1980 in Alsy’s mums lounge with Greg Dear on guitar and vocals,  David McComb (The Triffids) on bass and Alsy MacDonald (The Triffids) on drums. From Greg Dears album “Cherry Pickings” available from gregdearmusic.bandcamp.com.

Beautiful Losers face

Richard Lane (The Stems) – I stand at the front and get ready to be broken by the melody of Rock…

The Beautiful Losers was formed by Greg Dear in 1987 after the demise of his band The Holy Rollers (1984-1986) . After a long time in the wilderness, Greg reformed the band in 2014.  This new lineup plays selected songs from the original Beautiful Losers catalogue, selected songs from the HolyRollers catalogue, some songs that Greg has previously released as a solo artist, and new songs.  We have released four albums since 2014, all available on beautifullosers.bandcamp.com.

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